Where does strength come from?

DSCN3888-001We all have an idea of what strength means.  Most times what we picture are very strong people doing very hard physical activities.  It’s true that Olympians and anyone that is able to physically overcome what seems like insurmountable tasks are physically very strong.  They may even seem to have tapped into a type of strength you can’t imagine possessing.  These people that defeat mountains without the benefit of adequate air are envied and admired.  But do they possess something physically or even spiritually that we don’t have?

Do these individuals have a strength of will that is only available to a very few special people?  We’ve watched many individuals overcome situations that many of us are grateful we’ve never had to experience like hurricanes, wars, prisons, and even unexpected, unexplainable localized violence.  These people, these amazing humans, seem to have dipped into something that helped them get through situations that no one wants to face.  Did they tap into a strength that isn’t readily available to anyone of us at any time?  Or as the song suggests do we have to go through tragedy to understand true willpower or is it something that is there already?  Do you think and believe, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?”
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