One mission of www.quietstateofmind.net is to provide community based interactions where real discussions can be had regarding our innate potential to be in a peaceful state of mind even during times of high stress, conflict or feelings of helplessness.  I offer several different types of venues tailored to every individual need.  My mission on the community level is to introduce the understanding of the “inside-out” approach ensuring immediate psychological health and wellbeing.

Here you will find a quiet place to connect and learn about the infinite resiliency and limitless compassion evident in all of us.  Never will you find condemnation, minimizing or preaching.  You will be heard and believed.

I am devoted to assisting anyone who dreams of realizing improvement in their quality of life and to find peace with their past, present and future.

I am available for workshops, 1:1 consultations, small group settings to discuss the real issues that we all feel hold us back from our desire to be at peace. I will not charge an exorbitant fee for these settings.  My personal desire is that any individual who wishes to experience mental well-being have this enlightened and loving understanding made available to them. We are all just one  thought away from peace of mind.

 Thank you for visiting this site, please leave comments.  I am filtering remarks/comments to monitor spam or prevent disparaging remarks.

This website will maintain a view of compassion and well-being.

Find your peace!


“Marian Brown is an amazing person who I know both personally and professionally. Since meeting Marian, I have seen her work her magic numerous times while teaching friends, clients, and fellow employees about innate health and healing. I have watched Marian improve her own life, as well as the lives of countless people, including mine. I’m not sure she’s even aware of how helpful she has been to me. She has played a huge role in helping me change my thinking and improve my life for the better! Thank you Marian, you are awesome! I highly recommend Marian’s services, as I have no doubt that she can help to “awaken the wisdom within you to find your innate peace of mind.” With much love, Nancy K, Psychiatric Social Worker”

“I have learned so much from Marian over the years and continue to benefit from her mentoring every day. I am growing and living my life with so much more quality now as I experience my understanding of the 3 principles so much more is clear. I can’t thank her enough for believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.” – Pamela Africa, former client, current 3P’s student

“I learned a lot from Marian’s wisdom and guidance. I enjoyed the way she empowered clients by allowing them to recognize their strength, and recognize that their pasts do not define the people they are.  I benefited greatly from these groups because it made me see how my thoughts were just that- only thoughts- and they did not have to create my reality. She is a strong woman, a wonderful teacher, and a huge inspiration.” Maria Makarian, Marian’s social work intern at Julian Street Inn, InnVision.

 “Working with Marian has always been a pleasure. She address any issue with sensitivity, flexibility, and respect. With her extensive experience both professionally and personally I’m confident in her advice. I have personally witnessed respect from her peers and superiors alike. She shines with a humility that belies her intellectual brilliance.  I am deeply impressed by Marian, confident in her abilities and know she would provide the same high level of service and commitment to anyone she encounters.”  Joshua Lopez, former client now working for Subdynamics & friend

“Marian Brown is an amazing woman, who has overcome a  lot of abuse in her lifetime, becoming a caring and positive person who can help other people find their own innate skills, abilities and JOY, as she has.  She enjoys her life, her classes and the discussions she is able to initiate among the participate’s about difficult topics such as being a perpetrator, childhood abuse, low self esteem, and most importantly, the 3 Principles classes she facilitates. Marian, I treasure your friendship and love you.”  Martha Barenbrugge, LCSW, Momentum for Mental Health, Full Service Provider Program