About Me

DSCN2450Hello, my name is Marian Brown and welcome to Quiet State of Mind.  I would like to take a moment to give you a brief history of who I am.

As I mentioned under the Services Page I am a Peaceful Relations Coach with a degree in Social Work from San Jose State University and a certificate from the Three Principle’s Division of the County of Santa Clara, Department of Drugs and Alcohol.  I recently retired from InnVision, a provider of resources for the homeless in Santa Clara County where I worked as a case manager for men and women diagnosed with mental illness, addiction concerns and survivors of every type of trauma. I am also certified to teach domestic violence awareness groups for both men and women. 

I’m also a survivor of domestic violence/intimate violence from the age three until I walked away from all the violent maddness in my life when I was 35 years old.  Throughout my life I felt I was in a state of perpetual surviving and told myself from a very early age, “…it’s all mind over matter.”  This innate knowing I was always aware of helped me navigate through some truly life threatening circumstances.  Telling myself this I never truly understood what it meant until I was introduced to the Three Principles.  This understanding enlightened me to what it means to be a survivor of my own thinking, my awareness of those thoughts and how I reacted to them day in and day out.  And importantly where all these life experiences come from.

It is truly a miracle that I survived much less found my way into life as I know it now:

“There are those in this world who believe miracles do not happen.  I can assure such skeptics that they do.  With hope and faith as beacons, anything can happen.”  Sydney Banks “The Missing Link” 1998.


I am now in my late 50’s with two grown daughters and four grandchildren.  I’m married over 22 years to a loving man who supports me emotionally and is my greatest cheerleader.  He believes I have a wonderful calming insight to share with others who are survivors of their lives and their thoughts just like me.

My passion to share this understanding of our “inside-out” experiences we all live by comes from my own misconceptions of what I thought was the truth.  I’d beleived that I was a victim of my life.  Once I found out it was always me in control, good or bad, right or wrong, I found this knowledge to be the golden key to gaining that seemingly elusive but always available and completely sustainable peace of mind. 

I listen and speak without condemnation no matter the circumstances that brought you to me.  I always direct people back to where all emotional issues rest within each one of us in a positive and compassionate way.  

Allow me to share with you an understanding that will lead you towards a life of confidence, gratitude and compassion for self and others.

Working with individuals/couples/groups who have a real desire to gain and maintain harmony within their lives is one of my greatest pleasures as once this is established all other issues seem to lessen in their intensity.

I lead empowering workshops
Run community based conflict resolution workshops
Facilitate peaceful relations groups
Public speaking engagements
1:1 & couple’s coaching

We are all powerful, unlimited in our abilities and are creations of pure Love!

Thank you for visiting with me,

I truly hope you will find what you’re looking for and if not, let’s talk!