Monthly Archives: August 2013

Embrace Your Strength!


In the most distressful moments we often forget  how infinite our strength is!

So many times I’ve thought to myself “I just can’t take it anymore!” Just as many times I didn’t want to endure what it was I was going through.  Yet here I am still standing, still trying, still loving.

 This infinite ability to overcome, to stand up against and to try even harder is a source of energy that is bound only by our thoughts.  Sometimes we do forget but this power is still there waiting for us to command it.

Be amazed at just how strong you are.  Embrace this strength and rejoice in its ability to take you through whatever it is you are facing,  There is no other quite as magnificent as you in the entire universe!

 If you know of someone who is struggling and seems to be giving up, please share. You never know!

<3 Marian


Reflecting on my Reflection

 Is what we see and/or experience a true reflection of what we are thinking? A recent visit to a physical therapist highlighted this reality for me in a very interesting way.

 I was standing in front of a wall of mirrors while my physical therapist was talking to me about my walk. Actually she was helping me perfect my walk to alleviate some leg and foot pain I’ve experienced. 

 She asked me to look at myself in the mirrors as I walked towards them, focusing on the placement of my feet and the distance between my legs.  I did this once and stopped a foot from my reflection looking at my legs the entire time.  I turned and walked back while she explained what I needed to change about myself to reach my goal of living a pain free life.  I stood next to her again looking at my body’s reflection. Continue reading